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Our system integrates with our premier race processing/results software TPRS, a free innovative solution for secretaries to manage RPRA members race results

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View and Print Results

Stay up-to-date with race results, champion pigeons, and exciting competitions. Our user-friendly interface allows you to access and print results effortlessly.

Member Subscription Management

Join our vibrant community of pigeon enthusiasts! Manage your subscription, connect with fellow fanciers, and receive exclusive updates.

Online Race Entry

Ready to compete? Enter races online, track your pigeons’ performance, and aim for victory. We’re here to make the race entry process smooth and efficient.

Result Verification

Trust and transparency matter. Verify race results, confirm rankings, and ensure fair play. Our robust system ensures accuracy and reliability.

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Behind, you’ll find a dedicated team of pigeon aficionados, tech wizards, and data enthusiasts. We’re united by our love for these remarkable birds and our commitment to providing top-notch services

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